Invest in the bright futures of Twin Cities teens!

When Rashi started working at Cookie Cart, she was determined to learn everything she could. "I didn't hesitate to ask questions because I knew that asking questions would help me do my job better." And it has, Rashi has grown into a leader while working at Cookie Cart. She says, "Even before I was promoted to Cart Captain, I would step up to help new employees learn the skills they need, instead of watching them make mistakes, because when I first started I remember the coworkers who helped me succeed."

Rashi lives in the neighborhood but goes to school in Hopkins. She said that her job at Cookie Cart has introduced her to her community. "I like that I get to meet new people and talk to them here. It makes me want to be more involved in our neighborhood, and make it a better place for everyone."

Cookie Cart provides teens with skills they need to build better futures. Our unique "earn as you learn" program empowers young people with a paycheck, prepares them for work with job skills and tools, and broadens their worldview. Together, we're investing in remarkable teens with high potential living in the Twin Cities’ lowest-income neighborhoods as they overcome the opportunity gap and the cycle of poverty. Your donation provides hundreds of teens like Rashi the chances to build the skills and assets needed to achieve their dreams.